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Envelope- Hoodena

The Houdini Envelopes

Sent to "Prof. Hoodena, Spiritualist", 1923
Part of a fraud investigation?

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Houdini envelope sent to Prof. Hoodena

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By 1923, the second half of Houdini's stage show was a demonstration of how "spirit phenomena" could be produced through stage magic tricks. Though Houdini was trying to educate the public to be skeptical of the claims of the spiritualists, some people preferred to believe that he really had supernatural powers. The writer of this letter was apparently trying to reach Houdini the Psychic. Whether Houdini received this letter as an unsolicited request for spiritual assistance, or whether Houdini had conducted one of his many "sting" investigations posing as a spiritualist named "Professor Hoodena", it is not known.

This envelope, dated 1923, was sent from Soper, OK. It was addressed to a theater in Texas where Houdini was performing.

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