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Envelope- Handwriting

The Houdini Envelopes

With Houdini's handwritten notation, 1924
Results of psychic investigation?

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Houdini envelope with his handwritten note

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By 1924, Houdini was very involved in the scientific investigation of psychic phenomena. He eagerly exchanged findings and information with a number of universities, including Eastern State Teachers College in Commerce, Texas (now Texas A&M).

This envelope, dated 1923, was sent from someone at ESTC, apparently containing some interesting and important information. Houdini wrote a note in pencil: "Make copy & send to T. Burke. Also send me copy".

"T. Burke" refers to Thamas Burke (1886-1945), an English author who fancied himself an expert on paranormal occurrances. Houdini's friendship with another English author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, had cooled several years earlier because of their different views on the authenticity of spirit phenomena (Doyle was the believer, Houdini the skeptic). Burke's wife, Winifred, in fact, was involved in the occult world of Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn. It was she who suggested the name "Francis" for Israel Regardie, Crowley's secretary and student. Francis Isreal Regardie then became Burke's secretary, and also a major figure in the Golden Dawn occult movement.

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