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Envelope- Bank

The Houdini Envelopes

Houdini's Bank Deposit Slip, 1926

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Houdini bank deposit slip

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Contrary to popular belief, Houdini did indeed keep some of his money in a bank! On February 20, 1926, Houdini made a deposit of $118.12. This would be equivalent to about $1,489.18 in 2012 dollars.

This envelope and deposit slip, dated February 23, 1926, was sent from the Manufacturers Trust Company in New York.

By the way, this bank branch was the same one used later by Bess Houdini, when she stored the secret code she hoped Houdini would use to contact her "from beyond". Bess and her lawyer, B.M.L. Ernst, both had a key to the safety deposit box containing the secret message.

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