Houdini in Weird Tales Magazine

Harry Houdini, Fantasy Story Author
Did you know that Harry Houdini partnered with H.P. Lovecraft to write a number of fantasy stories for a famous sci-fi magazine?

First hitting newsstands in 1923, the odd and wonderful WEIRD TALES Magazine quickly became known for discovering and publishing the best horror, sci-fi and fantasy writers of the era.
In 1924, the magazine published a series of stories "written" by Harry Houdini in partnership with the soon-to-be legendary H.P. Lovecraft as his collaborator/ ghostwriter.
In addition to these tales of supposed exploits by the famous escape artist, the magazine published a column called "Ask Houdini", where readers could ask questions of the great Houdini and get a response in a future issue.

A service called LibriVox has made audio recordings of all of these stories.
The recordings are public domain, and free to access.
LibriVox's stated objective: "to make all books in the public domain available, narrated by real people and distributed for free, in audio format on the internet."
So LibriVox has recorded a comprehensive collection of writings by and about Harry Houdini as published in WEIRD TALES, including the "Ask Houdini" columns.

LISTEN TO THE FULL RECORDING BELOW. Please be aware- it runs 3 hours and 50 minutes!

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