Hippity Hop Rabbits - Stage Size Double Change
Bunnies change color, then change into skunks!

Hippity Hop Rabbits - Stage Size Double Change


Pink and gray rabbits change places- with a double change surprise ending!


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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Your audience will love this trick- guaranteed!

This colorful comedy trick has a startling surprise climax - a great DOUBLE "sucker effect" in which the audience screams that they know "how it's done" just to discover they didn't know after all!

Two cute wooden cut-outs are shown. One is a pink girl rabbit and the other a gray boy rabbit. Place a cover, decorated with a pink house, is placed over the pink rabbit, and a cover with a white house over the gray rabbit. You declare that the rabbits will change places, and you turn each cover around to show its back side. When you lift the covers, the pink house is now covering the gray rabbit, and the white house cover is covering the pink rabbit. This is performed at least three times - and the audience will becomes more excited and vocal as the trick progresses. Yes, the rabbits change places, but the audience can't miss the way you keep turning the covers (and their contents) throughout the sequence. "You're just turning it around!", they'll insist. At the finish, they will be literally shouting at you to "turn it around" so they can prove to you that the pink rabbit has a gray rabbit on its reverse side and the gray rabbit has a pink rabbit on its reverse side. That's exactly what you want to happen!

Imagine the laughter and surprise and applause when you finally turn the rabbits around to reveal- the rabbits have changed to SKUNKS! Gets them every time!

The large size and brilliant color make this illusion great for birthday party shows and school shows, as well as stage shows. The high quality, durable construction is designed to last you through hundreds of performances.

History and Trivia:

The Great Norman (Norman Hazeldene) introduced the concept for Hippity Hop Rabbits in 1947.

Interested in magic history? Visit our free online Magic Library, full of biographies of famous magicians plus lots of magic history and trivia!

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