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Harry Hinson

Houdini's Nephew Meets Tragedy

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  • 1914-1934
  • Real Name: Harry Houdini Hinsenhofen
  • Birthday: ?
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Buried: Most Holy Trinity Cemetery, Brooklyn NY

Harry Hinson was an amateur magician and the nephew of Harry Houdini. His mother was the sister of Bess, Houdini's wife.

With Houdini as an uncle, it was natural for Harry Hinson to be fascinated with magic. Houdini shared some secrets with him, teaching him parlor tricks and even the famous Needle Swallowing effect.

In February 1934, Hinson was the victim of a sledding accident when he slammed into a tree at the bottom of a steep hill. His spleen was ruptured, and he died of peritonitis, the same condition that killed Houdini in 1926.

New York Times article on Harry Hinson's death


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