Happy Birthday Silk Coloring Set
Produce a Happy Birthday silk- then magically add color to it!

Happy Birthday Silk Coloring Set


Magically add color to a black and white Happy Birthday silk!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

A Happy Birthday message, plus a great trick- all in one!

First produce the black and white silk with the Happy Birthday message on it.
Now let your audience get involved in making the message even "more special".
Put the black and white silk into your change bag or other switching prop. Let them pretend to toss a bunch of color your way, and pull out the silk again-
it's now in full color!

You can also make the routine longer by changing the outline silk into the solid blue silk first, then asking your audience for even more color, then changing to the full color silk!

Of course, you can always just produce the color version as a grand finale to your birthday party show!

Lots of possibilities with this wonderful silk set!

This is a set of THREE high quality 100% silk scarves. One shows the birthday picture in outline form, like a coloring book page, another silk shows the same picture, but in full color, and a third silk is the solid blue color.

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