A note from Jackie Monticup, Peter's wife:
Tuesday, November 17 is Peter's birthday!
He is too modest to mention it, but I love to make a big deal.
So this year, I arranged to get a special birthday message from Kreskin.
If you know Peter, you know that Kreskin
is one of Peter's all-time favorite performers.

The Amazing Kreskin's delightful Happy Birthday message to Peter...


Sivasailam Thiagarajan

Date 11/17/2020

Happy birthday to my favorite magician.


Date 11/17/2020

Yay!!!!! Happy, happy Birthday, Peter. :) :)

Patrick Cate

Date 11/17/2020

Peter, happy birthday! May it be a magical day. You know naps can prevent old age, especially if you take them while driving. I have found that life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end the faster it goes. Remember you are not old, you are chronologically gifted. Statistics show that people who live the longest have the most birthdays. When I am asked if old men wear boxers or briefs, I say, depends. I am so old that I get a little nostalgic when I see Neolithic cave paintings. Pat Cate

Joe Attanasio

Date 11/17/2020

Happy Birthday, Peter. A lucky man to have Jackie by your side.

Lou Conti

Date 11/17/2020

Happy Birthday Peter. And I hope you have many more. The older I get the more fun I have and I know you are having a fun life. I am an old time Drummer and a Rookie Magician. lol

Bernie Amler

Date 11/17/2020

Happy birthday. Many, many, many more. Keep the magic going.


Date 11/17/2020

Happy Birthday Peter, The Great Buck Howard is a fun movie to watch.. Blessings, Len


Date 11/17/2020

Happy Birthday!

Robert "Sky" McDougall

Date 11/17/2020

Happy Day!!! Happy Day!!! Happy Day!!! I was going to ask "Whassup?" Well, it's birthday time for Monticup!!! My increasingly old friend and favorite magician. 67! Once again, you one-up'd me!!! ?? Cheers & Blessings! Bob/Robert "Sky" McDougall aka Barney the Dinosaur's "Maynard, the Not-so-Magical Magician" ( https://barney.fandom.com/wiki/Maynard_the_Magician ) Maynard's Song - " Not-So-Magical Magician ": "I'm a not-so-magical magician, A not-so-wonderful wiz. As sorcerers go, I'm just so-so. I make oceans of potions but they've got no fizz. My prestidigitation lacks imagination. I'm a conjurer whose conjuring is lame. You see, spells for me are not my specialty. And when I wave my wand, I've got bad aim! I'm a not-so-magical magician. I'm not even sure what this thing is! I make noise and smoke, but it's all a joke, So I guess I should get out of the magic biz. Cause I'm a not-so-magical magician, A not-so-wonderful.... Colorful but blunderful Not-so-wonderful wiz!" Have a ?FABULOUS BIRTHDAY?, Peter ?? ... and may you have many, many more!

Rocco Guerrera

Date 11/17/2020

Happy Birthday Peter!

Mr. G.

Date 11/17/2020

Peter, all the best for your special day. Sorry but I just got to see you’re special day is here and almost over. Please do accept my heartfelt best wishes for more than your birthday. Truly a remarkable man with a gifted life, but alas, your most special gift is Jackie. May you both enjoy this special moment in life! Happiest of birthdays Peter and continue on with the warmth of your family, including your many pets and your plethora of dear friends and of course, your fans!!!??

Brian Abadie

Date 11/18/2020

Happy Birthday Peter ! Thank you for making affordable magic tricks so my entire family, especially my 2 grandkids, Jacob and Claire, who really love receiving and learning your tricks. They really love your videos, too

art stawecki

Date 11/18/2020

A belated Happy Birthday to my fellow Scorpio. I just finished celebrating my 80th. Old enough to have met Harry Blackstone Sr. and young enough to still love and perform magic. Take care Peter.

Rik Williger

Date 11/19/2020

Happy birthday! You beat me to 67 by 3 weeks!

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