A note from Jackie Monticup, Peter's wife:
Tuesday, November 17 is Peter's birthday!
He is too modest to mention it, but I love to make a big deal.
So this year, I arranged to get a special birthday message from comedian Fred Stoller.
Peter loves Fred's comedy bit "I'm out of control", where meek Fred talks about what a "rebel" he is (like he buys a 69 cent pen and doesn't even put the cap back on after using it because he's such a rebel).
Fred incorporated this bit into the birthday message, which is hilarious!
Hope you enjoy it as much as Peter did!

Fred Stoller is a wonderful standup comedian who has also had nearly 70 appearances in movies and TV sitcoms.
You may remember him as Cousin Gerard in Everybody Loves Raymond, the "Get off the phone" guy in the movie Dumb and Dumber or the guy who couldn't remember Elaine's name in Seinfeld.
He also wrote the Seinfeld episode "Soup Is a Meal".

Here is Fred Stoller performing his standup routine back in the day, where he does the "I'm out of control" bit that Peter loves:

And here are some of the roles Fred played:


Mr. G.

Date 11/17/2020

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