Handy Mat Prediction
Chosen card appears on the back of the mat!

Handy Mat Prediction


Chosen card appears on the back of the mat!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Unexpected way to reveal their card!

Handy closeup mat turns into a HAND-Y prediction!

This is a terrific way to reveal a selected card.
You will be performing your closeup on this mat for a while, then you can go into a card trick.
Let your spectator choose a card.
Have your spectator hold the card in the palm of his hand, and concentrate.
You can pretend to not know which card he chose, etc.
You can make this routine as long or as short as you want it to be.
When you are ready to really reveal the name of the chosen card, just flip the mat over-
it's a picture of a hand holding the spectator's chosen card!

This is a fantastic closeup mat as well!
Your card and coin effects work so much smoother on the proper surface.
The velvety top on this mat, combined with the padded non-slip backing, gives you a professional advantage that makes your moves easier to do.

For the prediction effect Peter Monticup performs in the demo video, you would need to force the EIGHT OF DIAMONDS.
Click the TIPS & IDEAS box to learn The Crosscut Force, an easy way to force the card.

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