Another Musical Interlude: Monticup Plays "And I Love Her"

Posted by Peter Monticup on 5/9/2020 to Monticup's Music

One of my wife's favorite songs, so I learned it for her.

An interesting fact: though Paul McCartney wrote this song, it was George Harrison who wrote the iconic riff.


Date 5/10/2020
Marcel Kernini
Great job, Bah Bim, but this is the first time I've seen a pet go to sleep BEFORE the musical performance. ...But nice going, Peter. Stan
Date 5/11/2020
Robert J Lavergne
awesome pete
Date 5/11/2020
Bryan Kujawa
Bravo from a fellow magician AND musician!
Date 5/11/2020
Mr. G.
Nicely done Peter. Jackie must feel honored that you learned this dong for her. Truly so share the same magic!
Date 5/12/2020
Ken Faulk
Nice job! Really enjoyed the song!
Date 5/14/2020
George should join in with Doris and Sadie....when I play my clarinet, those dogs start to fall asleep then too.... Hey, together, we could start a whole dog nursery ! nice job on the song my friend !
Date 5/20/2020
David C Troutman
Great job!

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