Groucho Glasses
Legendary comedy prop!

Groucho Glasses


Legendary comedy prop!


Ages 7 and up   Level 1

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aka Nose Glasses or Beagle Puss Glasses


Classic humor!
These are the comedy glasses that have been around for decades, a tribute to the comedy character created by Groucho Marx!

According to WIKIPEDIA, "Groucho glasses, also known as nose glasses or beaglepuss glasses, are a humorous novelty disguise which imitates the stage makeup used by the famous comedian Groucho Marx in his movies and vaudeville performances.
The glasses consist of black frames with attached features including bushy eyebrows, a large plastic nose, and a bushy moustache.
Considered one of the most iconic and widely used of all novelty items in the world, Groucho glasses were first marketed in the early 1940s.
Even today, they are instantly recognizable to people throughout the world.
The glasses are so iconic that they are now a shorthand for slapstick comedy."

Use them on yourself, or put them on your spectator for guaranteed laughs!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • one pair of Groucho Glasses
  • no instructions

And that's all you need!

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