OSR Good Match Card
Match the exact card selected by your spectator!

OSR Good Match Card


Match the exact card selected by your spectator!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Easy prediction effect with an unexpected ending!

Your spectator thinks he knows what is happening- but he will be surprised!

Tell your spectator that you are going to predict which card he will select from the deck.
In fact, BEFORE he selects the card, you will SHOW him which card you are predicting!
Show him a jumbo sized Jack Of Hearts.
Place the Jack of Hearts into a card frame, a frame that has a square opening in the front.
Your spectator can see that the card is in the frame.
Then let your spectator choose a card from an ordinary deck.
Ask him to reveal the card he choose.
In order to match, his card needs to be the Jack Of Hearts.
But OH NO! He chose the 3 Of Clubs!
Is the magician in trouble??!!
Remove the card from the frame- the jumbo card has changed to the 3 Of Clubs!

"The magician in trouble" is always a fun routine for the spectator.
And this one is really easy, as long as you can "force" a card.
Use your own favorite card force method, or click on the "TIPS" box above to watch our free Cross Cut Force instruction video.

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