Everyone loves to get money as a gift.
But GIVING money presents a dilemma- how do you make the gift seem special?
Stuffing the cash in an envelope is pretty boring.
But there are some easy ways to add a magic flair to the money present, and make yourself look like a clever gift-giving genius!

"Wrap" the money in a magical item.
For example, put the money inside one of our Wonder Treasure Boxes.
The recipient will have to figure out how to open the box in order to get the money!
Of course, we provide a video teaching the solution right on the product page, just in case.
Or tuck the money inside a Rattlesnake Eggs envelope.
It's a gentle prank that will be a double surprise!

Add something magical to the money envelope.
If you do want to use a traditional money envelope, try tucking something extra into it.
For example, the Flying Butterfly is a fun item that will fly by itself out of a money card.

Use the cash itself as the gift box.
There are a number of easy to follow tutorials on YouTube that teach how to make little gift boxes out of folded dollar bills.
Use a bill or two to make the box, then tuck more money inside.

Add that extra magic ZING to your gift this year!

If you are running late, we'll even immediately EMAIL the gift certificate for you- even on Christmas Day!


Mr. G.

Date 12/15/2020

I totally agree about giving money in an interesting way!! Fun to watch someone try also!! I have mailed the rattlesnake eggs inside a card as well as the butterfly and it worked like a charm!! The Wonder Treasure Box is a gem to present a gift and watch the fun as the receiver tries to open it.

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