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Gift Box Production + ONLINE VIDEO
Produce some surprises from an empty box or hat!

Gift Box Production + ONLINE VIDEO


Produce some surprises from an empty box or hat!
ONLINE VIDEO: Comes with exclusive ONLINE instruction routine and tips from Peter Monticup!

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Ages 10 and up   Level 1

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Watch the instruction video here

Comes with our online instruction video!
(available after you buy this trick from us)

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An updated classic favorite!


This new version requires NO SKILL!

Back in the day, there was a very popular magic effect known to professional magicians as the "Hat Loader".
This clever prop made it possible to borrow someone's hat, and then reach into the supposedly empty hat only to pull out a variety of items.
Great trick- but who wears a hat today?

This fun effect had gone by the wayside for several decades because it was impractical.
With a little "tweaking" of the prop, and a fresh new routine, we've transformed the old Hat Loader into the NEW Gift Box Production!

Start by showing an empty box (or an empty Top Hat).
Next, show a tall red canister with confetti spilling out of the top.
Place the canister over the box, and sprinkle some of the confetti into the box.
Set the canister down on our table.
And instantly begin pulling items out of the "empty" box!
You can use:

Paper streamers!
Spring flowers!
Silk streamers and handkerchiefs!
Sponge balls!
An egg!
A glass of milk!
Whatever you can imagine (and that will fit in the canister)!

The Gift Box Production includes:

  • Painted metal canister
  • Two paper streamers
  • Fake plastic egg
  • Plastic glass of "milk"
  • Supply of paper confetti
Of course, you can add your own small production items as well.
And you can easily replace the confetti as you use it up.
Confetti is available at party supply stores online.

You'll also get the password to Peter Monticup's online video instruction.
Learn how to handle and load the canister.
Get great tips on presenting the effect the best way.
And learn the routine that brings a classic trick into the 21st Century!

This effect is best performed at a small distance from your audience.
The handling is easier without a spectator right next to you.
And the glass of "milk" is actually a plastic glass painted around the inside to look like it has milk in it.
Looks great from a small distance, but up close the spectator will see that the glass is empty.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Gift Box Production
  • printed instructions
  • ONLINE VIDEO instructions from Peter Monticup

You provide an ordinary box, or a deep hat like a Top Hat.
Canister is made of painted metal.
Approximately 6" tall and 3" diameter.
Streamers are made of paper.
Egg is plastic.
Fake glass of milk is made of plastic.

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