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Georgiana Eagle

Psychic To Queen Victoria

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Watch presented to Georgiana Eagle

  • 1834-1911
  • Real Name: Georgiana Eagle
  • Birthday:
  • Birthplace: England
  • Buried: ?

Georgiana Eagle was a female magician and psychic performer during the mid-1800's in Europe.

Her father was the celebrated magician George Bernardo Eagle, known as "The Wizard of the South". Georgiana learned the art of magic from her father, but added the hypnotism and psychic aspect herself.

Georgiana presented mindreading tricks as if they were real. She promoted herself as a clairvoyant medium even before the Spiritualism movement began. Her second-sight act was advertised as early as 1841, and the Fox Sisters' spirit rapping did not start until 1848.

Mesmerism and hypnotism were hot topics, however, and Georgiana made the most of her "abilities" as a hypnotist as well as her skill as a magician.

From 1841 until at least 1846, Georgiana was performing as "The Mysterious Lady" and "The Celebrated Enchantress". Her second-sight skills were convincing enough to attract the attention of Queen Victoria, who wanted desperately to contact her beloved deceased Prince Albert.

Georgiana must have satisfied the Queen, because she was gifted with a gold watch. The inscription reads: “Presented by Her Majesty to Miss Georgiana Eagle for her Meritorious and Extraordinary Clairvoyance Produced at Osborn House, Isle of Wight, July 17, 1846.”

In 1871, Georgiana married Edward Card. Card's profession is not known, but Georgiana continued to perform, calling herself either "Gilliland Card" or "Madame Card, Magician and Hypnotist".


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