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George Closson

Brotherhood Secrets

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George Closson

George Closson Brotherhood Secrets

  • 1859-1921
  • Real Name: George Closson
  • Birthday: June 1
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Troy NY

George Closson was a late 19th century American magician who founded the Brotherhood of Magicians in 1905 in Troy, New York. The society disbanded in 1916.

He also edited the club's publication, Brotherhood Secrets.

His magic manufacturing company, Closson Magic Company, was started in 1883 and operated out of a back room of his house in Troy. Like most magic companies of the day, Closson had no showroom. Buying magic tricks was a secret and serious business. In order to purchase an effect, you had to know what you were looking for, and ask for the effect by name. Closson would then go into a private storage room, and retrieve the trick. Instructions were usually not included.

Shortly after his death, the entire city block where his house was located burned to the ground.


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