George Carl

Posted by Peter Monticup on 11/13/2020 to Magic Movies

In honor of Peter Monticup's birthday, here is a film clip of his favorite visual comedian:


Though not technically a magician, George Carl performed a very hilarious routine involving his masterful manipulation of simple props.
With these few props (a microphone, a mic stand, his hat, and a harmonica), Carl would seemingly accidentally become tangled up in the mic cord, get his thumb stuck in the microphone stand and, through a flurry of silent bits, wind up accomplishing nothing at all in the time spent onstage.

George Carl (7 May 1916 – 1 January 2000) was born in Ohio, and he started his comedy career traveling with a variety of circuses during his teenage years.
In time, Carl became internationally famous as a clown and visual comedian.
Johnny Carson, a big fan of Carl's, invited him to appear on The Tonight Show three times.

This film clip is from a 1984 appearance on Paul Daniel's British magic and variety show.

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