Gag Bag with Zipper
Turns into FIVE different bags, plus switch, produce or vanish items!

Gag Bag with Zipper


Bag changes five times as you turn it inside out to vanish or produce an item!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

Easy, fast and funny!


The Gag Bag is a great prop for magicians and clowns alike.
Every time you turn it inside out, it changes color!
That is, you can turn it inside out five times and always have a different pattern and color bag!
Each Gag Bag is unique- no two are made with exactly the same fabric pieces.
Yours WILL VARY from the photo and video, but it will be FIVE different designs.

Best of all, it has a zipper feature, allowing you to produce an item that has been secured in a zipped pocket.

Use it to vanish or produce small items such as sponge balls, or an appearing cane or wand.
Great for spring flowers too!
You can show the bag, turn it inside out to show that it's empty, turn it inside out again and the bag is now a different color, turn it inside out AGAIN and the bag changes color again, and finally, turn it inside out AGAIN!
Not only has the bag changed color again, but you can produce an item from the supposedly empty bag! WOW!

Use it as a utility prop for making items disappear- or appear!
Place an item in the bag.
Turn the bag inside out to show that the item has vanished!
The item can be made to reappear if desired.
Also can be used to exchange one item for another.
Show the bag empty, put a blue silk into it.
Reach in- the blue silk has now become a red one!
Great for doing a Blendo routine, Mismade Flag, etc.
This change bag is the perfect way to produce or vanish silks!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Gag Bag
  • easy printed instructions
  • BONUS: video of tips on How To Load Your silks (see TIPS section)

You supply the item to be changed, vanished or produced.

The bag is made of cloth.
About 8" deep, with a zipper closure.
Each bag is unique, but each has FIVE DIFFERENT fabrics.

Tips & Ideas

Learn How To Load Your Silks

When you produce your silks, you want them to "pop" up out of the production box or change bag like a Kleenex, so you can grab the next one easily, quickly and smoothly.
Here is a FREE lesson to teach you Monticup's personal technique for correctly loading your silks so that it works every time!

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