Future Zone Complete
Predict exactly which card your spectator will deal!

Future Zone Complete


Predict exactly which card your spectator will deal!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Fast, simple and STUNNING!

You seem to predict the future with this one! A card effect that will blow them away!

before the effect begins, you've placed a single card inside an envelope and placed the envelope inside your card wallet. You show the envelope inside the wallet, and place the wallet in full view on the table. Next, you remove a deck of cards from their box and spread them apart to show that they are all indeed different cards. Finally, you begin to deal the cards one at a time FACE UP on the table. Your spectator chooses a card by stopping you whenever he wants.

Let the spectator pick up the card he has chosen. You removed the envelope from the wallet, and remove the single card from the envelope. BOTH CARDS MATCH!

Incredibly easy to do! And we ship this COMPLETE- it comes with everything you need. You'll even get the instructional DVD with Mark Mason's own secret tips on handling this magical wonder.

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