Funny Bunny Wand
Turn your assistant into a bunny! Great photo opportunity!

Funny Bunny Wand


Turn your assistant into a bunny! Great photo opportunity!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Funny prop makes a great photo opportunity!

Every magician needs a rabbit in the show! With this easy prop, you can turn your assistant into a bunny! Lots of fun!

Plus, this gives an excellent opportunity for photos. Doing a birthday party? Use the birthday child for your assistant, and watch the parents snap photos like crazy! Doing a show for adults? How funny to turn an unsuspecting adult into a silly rabbit- you KNOW the rest of the guests will love to take pictures of THAT!

SO EASY to do! If you can hold the wand in your hand- you can do the trick!

This is a quality prop made of heavyweight flexible vinyl. It's made to hold up to YEARS and YEARS of use! Rolls up tight for esdy transportation and storage. Makes your show look bigger and more colorful- packs small but PLAYS BIG!

Rolled up, the wand is 18" long.
Unrolled, it is 18" wide by 48" long.

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