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These magazines are free to read online!
Just click on the title.

These magazines are made available by the Internet Archive (, Google Books and the State Library Victoria.
Some of these magazines are in the public domain.
Others are available under the Controlled Digital Lending Program at (see details on the site)
Each site provides an online reader, which allows you to flip pages as you go, and scroll ahead or back.
Please direct all inquiries about the online reading tools to the respective book sites.


Billboard is an entertainer's weekly news magazine that has been continually published in the U.S. since its first issue in 1894.
The magazine is an "insiders" source of information for all types of entertainment, providing news, statistics and advertising for all types of performers.
Back issues provide a detailed history of performers and performances through the decades.
Read the in-depth Wikipedia article about the magazine here

Use the SEARCH function to find fascinating information!
When you click on any issue, you will pull up the reader window for that issue.
The magazine will be presented in the window, with controls underneath to "flip" the pages as you read.
A timeline appears under the window to show you which page you are reading, and you can slide the timeline to quickly locate a certain page.
Click the SEARCH icon (little magnifying glass) at the TOP LEFT side of the window.
You can then enter a word or phrase that searches within that issue.
For example, search "magician" or "Houdini" and you'll get a clickable list of places the term appears in the issue.
You'll find "Help Wanted" ads, performance dates, magic club meetings, show reviews and lots more.