Four Card Illusion + BONUS VIDEO
Four cards turn themselves over, then turn into all Aces!

Four Card Illusion + BONUS VIDEO


Four cards turn themselves over, then turn into all Aces!
BONUS: Includes Monticup's exclusive handling instruction video


Ages 13 and up   Level 3

Fast card effect that makes you look like a Card Wizard!

Show your spectator four cards- one face up and three face down.
Place the face up card between two of the face down cards, and close the pack.
When you open the pack again- all of the cards are face up!

But that's not all!
Give the cards a twist- and they all change to Aces!

Yes, this one will take a little practice.
But not to worry- Peter Monticup will teach you how to do HIS moves and techniques for this effect.

BONUS: you'll also get the password to the exclusive video that will teach you Monticup's secret handling technique for this effect!
See EXACTLY how to set up and handle the cards!
You can't get this video anywhere else- watch it right from this page!

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