Forward March + TWO BONUS VIDEOS
Make four selected cards come to the top of the deck- inside a glass!

Forward March + TWO BONUS VIDEOS


Make four selected cards come to the top of the deck- inside a glass!
BONUS: Monticup's exclusive video instructions for this trick
BONUS: Monticup will personally set your deck


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

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In the blink of an eye!

This is a really different card effect, fast and flashy! And yes, it's very easy to do! But only if you get Peter Monticup's EXCLUSIVE video instructions- and you will, when you buy it from!

The effect is this: let your spectator choose four cards from the deck. You can use one spectator, or four different spectators, if you'd like. The rest of the deck is placed into an ordinary wine glass, with the face of the top card showing. Let your spectator place each of the chosen cards back into the deck inside the wine glass.

Ask your spectator to name one of the cards. Wave a silk handkerchief over the glass- and PRESTO! The chosen card has somehow jumped to the top of the deck! If you lift it up, you can see the original card underneath it.

Ask for the second card, wave the scarf and- VOILA! The second card is now at the top of the deck! And the THIRD card! AND THE FOURTH CARD! Absolutely amazing!


  • clear instructions written by Monticup himself
  • Monticup's own routine
  • video showing the exact setup and handling of this effect (password to the video below)
  • plus- your deck will already be set up for you!

How's that for service!

Forward March includes a trick deck made from Bicycle brand cards. You'll also get the plastic wine goblet- perfect for transporting in your closeup case! You'll need an ordinary cloth or handkerchief (not included) or you can buy an 18" black silk when you ADD TO CART above.

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