SOLD Fortune Teller's Book of Days *PREOWNED*

SOLD Fortune Teller's Book of Days *PREOWNED*


Rare out of print L&L Publishing mentalism effect!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2



RARE- very hard to find!
This effect is long off the market and is considered very collectible.
We found only one other for sale on the Internet- for $119.95!

Previous ones have sold on eBay for between $90- $195.
So for sure this is a real bargain from us!

Based on Alex Elmsley's "Fate Datebook," the Fortuneteller's Book of Days was designed by Paul Green to be performed by any magician without sleight of hand!
It is truly easy to learn, with no special skills needed, yet it will astound your audience and leave them thinking you really do have mystical powers!
Here's the effect:
The performer displays the Fortuneteller's Book of Days, which contains 366 short paragraphs, one written for each day of the year.
The profiles are different, and are meant to reflect the personality of an individual born on that day.
In addition, there is a playing card shown for each day as well.
A spectator is allowed to secretly choose a card from a deck.
The spectator then reads the profile that appears on his or her birth date in the book.
Amazingly, the profile seems to match the spectator's personality quite closely.
Finally, the spectator announces the "Lucky Card" associated with his birthday, and then shows the card he selected from the deck.

The book itself is 4.25" x 6.5", hardbound with a stunning gold foil embossed cover.
Sold by L&L Publishing.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Fortuneteller's Book of Days hardbound book
  • printed instructions

CONDITION: excellent, some minor dings on ends of spine

You will need your own deck of cards.

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