Fortune Teller Miracle Fish- VINTAGE (Pack of 3)
Mystical fish moves by itself in the palm of your hand!

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish- VINTAGE (Pack of 3)


Mystical fish moves by itself in the palm of your hand! SMALL SIZE


Ages 5 and up   Level 1

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"How many?" means how many PACKS of 3 fish

LIMITED QUANTITY- Vintage Small Size Fortune Fish Novelties!

We just found a small stock of the smaller size fish tucked away in our warehouse!
This small size has not been available for years!
The small size is very easy to carry in a wallet or pocket, and is also perfect for very small hands!
And it works exactly the same as the larger version.
FREE SHIPPING if all you want to buy is a set of fish!

The Amazing Sardini is lots of fun!
Place the mystical red Fortune Teller Fish on the palm of your hand- and watch it begin to move, wiggle, curl up or flip off your hand all by itself! It moves differently with different people, and kids love them!

You'll get a pack of 3 fish, each individually wrapped. Fish can be used again and again and again!

We also carry packs of 10 larger size fish.

What a great way to keep the children occupied at a party- or at a boring adult function! No batteries, no parts to break, no noise, just lots of delight. Since the fish work differently on everyone's hands, the kids will have a great time watching each other, having contests and races, and inventing new ways to make the fish move.

For more fun, look on the back of the special envelope to see what the movements mean. Are you independent? Are you fickle? Are you in love? See what the Fortune Telling Fish has to say about you! No one knows romance like a fish!

The adults love the funny fortunes, while the kids just love to watch the fish curl and wiggle all by itself! Many adults remember these novelties from their childhoods. No matter what the age, these fish are always a big hit!

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History and Trivia:

How does it work? Well, you could say it works by magic. But if you want the scientific explanation:
The cellophane-like fish is actually made of a space-age polymer plastic that is moisture sensitive. The plastic grabs water molecules from the palm of your hand, but grabs only on the side of the direct contact. The plastic doesn't absorb, it just grabs, making one side swell up with the added volume of water while the other side remains stable. The difference between the pressure on the two sides causes the curling action. But really- it looks like magic!

Interested in magic history? Visit our free online Magic Library, full of biographies of famous magicians plus lots of magic history and trivia!

Great demonstrate. Kids have lot of fun with this one.
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