Force Deck- Two Way
Easy way to force TWO different cards using the same deck- no skill!

Force Deck- Two Way


Easy way to force TWO different cards using the same deck- absolutely no skill!


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Two force cards- one easy deck!


Here is an EASY and FOOLPROOF way to force TWO DIFFERENT cards using a single deck.
All you have to do is spread the cards face down, and let your spectator choose his two cards.
He'll get two different ones, but you'll know exactly which two he chose.

Why? Because half the deck is all one card, the other half is all the other card. Pretty clever!

All you have to do is to make sure the first card is selected from the top half of the deck, and the second card is selected from the other half, just like you see me do in the demo video above.

"Forcing a card" is the skill of making your spectator think he has a free choice in choosing a card from the deck, when in reality you have secretly made him choose a particular specific card.
Many, many card tricks depend on the spectator choosing the right card.
You can either spend many hours learning this skill, or you can INSTANTLY have this skill by using this special deck!

How can you use this deck?

  • TWO spectators can each choose a card, and their cards will be different.
    You can then do a trick with two people, yet it will seem that you have an "ordinary" deck.
  • Your spectator can choose two cards himself.
    This is great when you are doing a trick that requires him to pick two different cards.
  • You can repeat a trick with the same spectator.
    He would pick one card the first time, then you would make him pick the other card the second time.
  • Of course, you can also use this deck as a regular force deck, if you only need one card chosen.

If you don't have time to learn the skill required to force cards,the Two Way Force Deck is your answer!
Even if you are a seasoned pro and already know how to force a card, this deck gives you a foolproof method of forcing, for those times when you just don't want to mess up!


    All the cards are the same, except for the first face-up card. You can show the top card, but you will spread the deck face down to have your spectator choose a card. Of course, you are forcing him to take the card you want- all the cards are the same! This is the most foolproof forcing deck.
    There are only two different cards in the deck- half the cards are one value, and the other half is a second value. By making the spectator choose a card from the TOP half, you are making him choose one card, and then you can have him choose a second card from the other half. This deck is great if you have two spectators and you want them to choose two different cards that are forced.
  • 50-50 FORCE DECK
    Half the deck is made up of all different cards, and half is made up of the SAME card.
    The idea is to be able to "show" an ordinary deck by spreading the part of the deck with all different cards, but making your spectator select a card from the part of the deck that is the same card- the card you are forcing them to take.

If you would rather learn to force regular cards, please see our Forcing a Card DVD.

These cards are Poker size, with the official Bicycle back design.

Guaranteed First Quality!
You're protected when you buy from!
These are official FIRST QUALITY cards from U.S. Playing Card Co.
SO BEWARE! If you see Bicycle Brand cards at a cheap price elsewhere, they may be factory "seconds"! Those cards were cut or printed a bit crooked, and did not pass quality control, which is why they are cheaper.
You get what you pay for!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Two Way Force Deck
  • printed instructions

Deck is Poker size with Bicycle back design.
PLEASE NOTE: the two cards that make up your Force Deck will probably be different from what you see in the product photo above, or in the demo video.
Sorry, there is no choice of force card. We ship what we have on hand.
You may ask for a general card, such as a red card or a black card, for example, and we can usually accommodate that request.

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History and Trivia:

The Force Deck principle appears in magic books as early as 1560.

Interested in magic history?
Visit our free online Magic Library, full of biographies of famous magicians plus lots of magic history and trivia!


Q: I need a two card forcing deck preferably a 9 of spades and a 5 of diamonds for a no sleight card prediction Is it possible to get these particular cards?. If not do you sell individual jumbo bicycle cards - ha ha, probably not, so will check out price of a jumbo deck
Asked by: darryl - 7/22/2015
A: Unfortunately, we stock what the manufacturer sends us in any particular week, and there is no way to order particular force cards. You can, however, tell us if you DON'T want a particular force card. Just put that information in the Comments box when you go through checkout. As for selling individual jumbo Bicycle cards- sorry- no. Answer provided by: (7/22/2015)

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