Follow the Bottle and Multiplying Bottles
A bottle moves invisibly between tubes, changes places with a glass, multiplies and changes color!

Follow the Bottle and Multiplying Bottles


A bottle moves invisibly between tubes, changes places with a glass, multiplies and changes color!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video



Our set lets you perform BOTH the fast and fun Follow the Bottle routine PLUS the stunning Multiplying Color Bottles effect!
And the white bottle used at the end can even POUR LIQUID!

And we can't say enough about the quality of this set.
Works smooth as silk every time, and looks FABULOUS from stage!
We are very proud to offer such a well-made set of bottles.

Follow the Bottle is Peter Monticup's variation of the classic Passe Passe Bottles trick.
This wonderful effect has been redesigned by to be easier and faster than ever to perform.
In this routine, a bottle and a glass are covered by two tubes.
The bottle not only changes places with the glass again and again, but the bottle also changes color several times!

Multiplying Color Bottles is another trick you can do with this set!
Cover a bottle with a tube, and make it turn into a bunch of bottles- different colors, too!
The Multiplying Color Bottles can stand on its own as an effect in your show, or you can combine the two tricks for a really sensational routine!

Once you learn the secret, you can easily make up your own routine.
For example, you can make the bottle switch with the glass, then make the bottle disappear altogether, then make TWO glasses appear, then change the glasses into bottles, then multiply the bottles all over the tabletop as a grand finish!

You can present this effect as a comedy routine (which is what Monticup does in the demo), or you can present it as a mystery- it's up to you!

The Follow the Bottle set is lightweight, too.
The tubes and bottles are metal. The whole set stores compactly for safe and easy transport.

Bright colors, bright labels!
And if you want to change the labels, you can always create your own using your computer's printer and the self adhesive label sheets available at office supplies stores like Staples or Office Depot.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Follow the Bottle/ Multiplying Color Bottles set (all the bottles plus two tubes)
  • printed instructions

You supply the small glass or container to switch with the bottle.
Use any small glass. We used a plastic jar that Talenti gelato ice cream came in! Yummy!
You supply the ordinary silks if you want to tie a silk to the top of the bottle as shown in Peter's routine.
We recommend 9 inch silks, available at (see below)
Of course, you supply the money used in the routine, if you use Peter Monticup's routine as shown in the demo video.

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

You can easily change the labels on the bottles- and even the tubes. Blank self-adhesive sheets and labels are available at any office supplies store (like Staples or Office Depot). Design your own label and print it out on the sticky sheets.
This is also a great idea if the labels begin to show signs of wear.

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