Flower Boxes Production - Small
Produce three boxes of flowers from an empty bag! (small size)

Flower Boxes Production - Small


Produce three boxes of flowers from an empty bag! (small size)


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

If you thought you couldn't do magic, think again!

Produce clear boxes full of flowers from a flat, empty bag! It all happens in the blink of an eye! This is the SMALL version. We also carry a JUMBO size version of this trick.

This is a self-contained, almost automatic, foolproof magic effect. If you can reach into a paper bag, you can do the trick!

The effect: Start with a flat paper bag. Stand it upright, and let it open. Reach into the bag, and pull out a clear box with flower blossoms in it. Then reach into the bag again, and pull out a second box, then a third box, all containing colorful flowers. How did those three boxes fit into a flat bag??

This effect can be performed surrounded, and is perfect for situations where you want to have full control over your props (where it is limited space, or is windy, etc.). When your show is finished, the boxes simply and quickly fold flat again for easy storage.

Too small? We also carry a JUMBO SET OF BOXES here.

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