Floating Bottle Cap with DVD
Float a bottle cap in midair, plus float other ordinary objects!

Floating Bottle Cap with DVD


Float a bottle cap in midair, plus float other ordinary objects!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video


Extraordinary magic with an ordinary object!


Ever wanted to take an ordinary object, like a bottle cap, and make it mysteriously lift in the air and float at your command?

That's what this trick is all about!
The instructional DVD will quickly teach you how to do this amazing trick, plus you'll learn even MORE effects using the secret gimmick-Invisible Thread!

DVD includes:

  • list of what you'll need
  • How To Strip Invisible Thread
  • Thread Setup
  • How To Attach Magician's Wax
  • Spinning the Cap
  • Secrets of Cap Levitation
  • Flying Saucer Around the Finger
  • Through the Hoop
  • Global Move
  • Nothing Above, Nothing Below
  • The Cage
  • Float This
  • Finger To Finger
  • Down and Up
  • Cap To Spectator
  • and lots more bonus material!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • How To Perform the Floating Bottle Cap and More DVD
  • some magicians' wax
  • some invisible thread
  • a bottle cap

You supply any other ordinary items needed.
More wax and Invisible thread can be purchased at MagicTricks.com.

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