Flip Flop Dots
Dots change places, change color, and spell MAGIC!

Flip Flop Dots


Dots change places, change color, and spell MAGIC!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Watch the magic unfold!


If you like the classic Jacob's Ladder effect, and you love getting the audience all riled up, you'll love this one!
Easy to do, easy to carry, and PLAYS BIG!

Unfold a long white strip that has six large dots on it.
There are three green dots, and three red dots in a line.
Fold the panel back up, and when you open it again, the dots have changed order!
The dots are now in line as three RED dots and then three green dots.
You can repeat this if you want, because your audience will start to "catch on">
Apparently, all you did was flip the panel around so that the red cards are on top.

And now the magic starts!
Close and open the panel again.
This time, the dots have CHANGED COLOR!
They are now multi color dots!

Of course, your audience still thinks they caught on to the secret.
They think you just turned the panel over, and you are showing the other side.
"We know how you did it!" they will be screaming.

And here's the kicker!
Say to your audience "I know how I did it too"-
And turn the panel over to show the other side, which says "IT'S MAGIC!"

This one gets a great reaction every time, because the audience is so involved.
It packs really small and flat, easily fitting into any transport case.
And best of all- it's easy to do!
If you can fold and unfold the panel, you can do the trick!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Flip Flop Dots
  • easy printed instructions

And that's all you need!

Made of heavyweight coated cardstock.
Size is approximately 4.5" square when closed, and 4.5" wide x 26.5" long when open.

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