Flash Card Prediction Silk
Make your spectator's card suddenly appear on a silk!

Flash Card Prediction Silk


Make your spectator's card suddenly appear on a silk!


Ages 13 and up   Level 3

They won't expect the ending to THIS one!


Let your spectator select a card from a deck.
You announce that you have predicted which card he will choose, and to prove it, the image of the card will appear on a silk.
It certainly does!
With a flourish, you display a silk- with the image of many cards on it!

Of course, your spectator thinks this is a funny joke.
After all, it is quite possible that his chosen card is one of the many cards pictured on the silk.
But wait!
As soon as the spectator names aloud his chosen card, you SNAP the silk- and instantly the picture changes to a SINGLE card- the spectator's card!

Very quick- and very stunning!
The high quality silks used in this effect will last for many years to come.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Flash Card Prediction Silk (changes to the 8 of Diamonds)
  • easy printed instructions

You will need to know how to force a card. See the free HOW TO FORCE A CARD video in the TIPS AND TECHNIQUES section

Tips & Ideas

How To Do an Easy Card Force:

Here is a FREE video lesson to teach you an EASY way to force a card, called the Cross Cut Force. Use this force anytime you need to control the selection of a card- it fools them every time!
For this trick, you'll need to "force" a card on your spectator. In other words, you need to make it seem like he has a free choice, but really you are making him take the card that you need him to take. There are many ways to force a card, including the Cross Cut Force. We also carry several books and DVDs to teach you the different methods.

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