Modern Flags Of All Nations
Produce a string of 10 different national flags

Modern Flags Of All Nations


Produce a string of 10 different national flags!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

A true classic updated for today's audiences!

A really eyecatching streamer- all flags!
Simple concept- it's a string of flags to produce anytime in your show to get that WOW reaction!

An audience pleaser since it was first introduced over 150 years ago, the Flags Of All Nations effect is a real showstopper!
Patriotic tricks are always popular, and this one features the flags of 10 DIFFERENT NATIONS!

  • USA

The flags are attached in one LONG string.
Think of the reaction you will get when you produce this GIANT silk strand of flags out of a piece of equipment like the Change Bag or the Square Circle.
Each flag ismade of silk for incredible compressibility, this string of flags can be hidden in a very small space, making its production seemingly impossible- and very impressive!
Great way to add a patriotic message to your show!

Produce the string of flags and stretch them right across the stage!
Put different color silks into a change bag, and change them to the string of flags!
Makes a great magic effect for the classroom

You are purchasing the silk only- no instructions or routines.
Flags are made of silk.
Each flag measures about 7.5" x 11".

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