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Felix Greenfield

"The Man of Magic"

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Felix Greenfield

  • 1916-1974
  • Real Name: Felix Greenfield
  • Birthday: ?
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Buried: ?

Felix Greenfield was a 1940's radio mentalist, a rival to Joseph Dunninger.

His radio program was called "The Man of Magic", and featured Greenfield's entertaining feats of mentalism, assisted by actress Wendy Barrie. The program was broadcast over WOR in New York, and was sponsored by Eichler's Beer.

Greenfield was also facinated by mathematical magic, especially magic quares. He was a contributor to Karl Fulves' Self Working Number Magic book.

He also was one of the first magicians with a television show. In 1950, he starred in "Fun With Felix", a children's show. Also in 1950, he co-produced NBC-TV's "The Great Merlini", a half-hour crime drama series that starred actor-magician Chester Morris.

As well as mentalism, Greenfield was a skilled closeup magician. He also was one of the many magicians to perform the dangerous Bullet Catch.


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