SOLD Original Fantasio Candle Stand - PREOWNED

SOLD Original Fantasio Candle Stand - PREOWNED


Hard to find Fantasio 2-candle Candelabra!





Very hard to find ORIGINAL VINTAGE Fantasio Two-Candle Candelabra!

Made by the legendary Fantasio, this was a pricey and hard to get item, even when the late Fantasio had it on the market!

The Candelabra was especially designed to hold Vanishing Candles so that they would be all ready for vanishing in your routine.

If you've heard of this candelabra, and you've always wanted one, here is your chance to own this very hard to find item- at a BARGAIN price!

Made of molded plastic, the stand comes apart with a base and a wings section.
The candelabra is about 11" at its widest point.
This is the STAND ONLY- no instructions or candles.
Of course, you don't need instructions- it's a stand! :-)
Use your own Vanishing Candles, or just enjoy it as an ornate magic collectible for your shelf!

This set comes from the collection of a professional magician who used this item very gently, and took great care of his props!

CONDITION: gently used.

Click to see a larger photo of the candelabra (for display purposes, it is shown on its side with the base part above the wing part).

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • original Fantasio two-candle Candelabra
  • NO instructions or candles included

CONDITION: gently used.

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