Faded Bicycle Deck with BONUS
Perform impressive tricks with this well-worn looking 52 card deck!

Faded Bicycle Deck with BONUS


Perform impressive tricks with this faded-look 52 card deck and bonus cards!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

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Great deck of cards PLUS a great card trick!


The Faded Bicycle Deck is an exclusive, unusual design on a regular Bicycle card deck that also includes a bonus of three specially printed cards!
With this deck, you can perform any trick that uses a regular deck of cards AND you can ALSO perform a number of tricks that use the special bonus cards, including the Million Dollar Three Card Monte (instructions are included).
Plus- think of how much fun your next card game would be using these unusual looking cards!

This regular deck of 52 cards look like they have been used by a professional magician for years.
This unique design gives the appearance of long wear (just like a faded pair of jeans) but the cards are actually crisp and fresh, making them perfect for both card tricks and also advanced card manipulations.
The visual impact of these graphics will really add to your card tricks and routines!

The Faded Deck is an official product of the U.S. Playing Card Company, printed with the Bicycle back design under their strict quality control, and specially made with magicians in mind.
This poker size deck contains all 52 cards of a regular deck.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Faded Bicycle Card Deck
  • printed instructions
  • BONUS: three special gaffed cards
  • BONUS: instructions for the Million Dollar Monte trick

And that's all you need!

The gaffed cards and the Million Dollar Monte trick are packaged INSIDE the card box.

Rewards Points

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