ESP Test Deck With Complete Course- Bicycle
Perform mindreading miracles and conduct your own ESP tests!

ESP Test Deck With Complete Course- Bicycle


Real ESP test deck plus a COMPLETE DVD COURSE in ESP magic effects!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Welcome to the world of Extra-Sensory Perception!

You're getting an authentic ESP Deck PLUS a FULL COURSE on DVD explaining some incredible magic tricks you can perform with the deck!

The ESP Test Deck is a regulation testing deck, consisting of 10 complete sets of the five standard ESP symbols (a total of 50 cards).
With such a deck, you can conduct any of the famous ESP tests you've read about.

Of course, since you are a magician, you can also perform some great ESP-themed magic tricks with the cards in this deck.
To make sure you have everything you need, the deck also includes six numbered cards to use in various card tricks.

And what card tricks? In the course, you will learn the most amazing ESP effects and routines!
Accomplished mentalist Rudy T. Hunter, along with master magician Marty Grams, will teach you step-by-step everything you need to know about using the ESP Test Deck.
This deck will enable you to perform mentalism, parapsychology "experiments", and even some incredible card magic tricks!

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