Economy Card Deck - Bridge Size
Economy cards are easy to tear, inexpensive and disposable!

Economy Card Deck - Bridge Size


Economy cards are easy to tear, inexpensive and disposable!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

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Perfect for destructive card tricks- and for practice!


Sometimes cheaper IS better!

This is a deck of economy playing cards.
They are inexpensive. They are disposable. They are not great quality, but they ARE very useful!

Why would you want cheap playing cards??

  • Perfect for "destructive" card tricks!
    If you do effects like CARD WARP, or TORN AND RESTORED CARD, you are ripping up cards every time you do the trick.
    Why not tear up these cheap cards instead?
    You'll be performing the same effect, but it won't be so hard on the wallet!
    And when you are learning the trick, you can go through a LOT of cards!
    Why waste your quality cards when these economy cards will do?

  • Perfect for "rip apart" card tricks!
    These cards actually rip cleaner and easier than the more expensive Bicycle cards.
    Quality cards have a linen finish, which helps them last longer, but also makes them tough to tear.
    These cards rip nice and easy and even!

  • Perfect for practice!
    These cards are Bridge size, which means they are a bit narrower than the common Poker size cards.
    The smaller size can be a BIG help when you are learning and practicing card sleights.

  • Perfect for messy performing conditions!
    If you are working a picnic, or party or other situation where there is food and drink, you don't have to worry about ruining a good deck!
    Keep a couple of decks of these economy cards in your pocket.
    If a deck gets wet or sticky, toss it and use a fresh deck.

Don't expect Bicycle quality here, but at this low price, you can't go wrong!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • deck of economy playing cards (in a box)

Cards only- no instructions or routine.

Cards are Bridge size.
Cards have a custom back design- NOT Bicycle back

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