Easy Load Finale Balls Set of 3
Set of three ungimmicked balls for use with Cups routines!

Easy Load Finale Balls Set of 3


Set of three easy handling firm sponge balls for ending Cups and Balls routine!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

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Just the right firmness!


A BIG FINISH for your Cups and Balls routine!

This is a set of three solid foam RED balls, approximately 2" in diameter.
The balls have a grippable texture, very much like the surface of a regular sponge ball.
But they are firm at the core- they don't compress like sponge balls do.
They do have a tiny bit of "give" when squeezed, which is what makes them so easy to grip.

The balls are ungimmicked, but are obviously larger than the balls you have been using throughout your routine.
So not only are your spectators wondering what has been happening with the appearance and disappearance of the little balls during your routine, but at the end, they are shocked to see you produce THREE LARGE BALLS from under the cups!

The spongelike surface of the balls makes it easier for you to do your final load.

This is a set of three balls only. No instructions come with this set.
Use with your own set of Cups and Balls (not included).

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • set of THREE firm sponge balls

BALLS ONLY. No instructions.
You supply the trick or routine, plus you supply the Cups and Balls set.
Balls are made of firm sponge with a hard core.
All balls are regular (not gimmicked).
Balls are approximately 2" diameter.
All three balls are red.

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