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DVD - Unusual Suspect *PreOwned*
six high-impact performance pieces!

DVD - Unusual Suspect *PreOwned*


Six high-impact performance pieces!

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A collection of brilliant, stunning, highly commercial routines that you WILL use!
Matthew Wright is a leader in his craft and brings together an exciting blend of mind blowing magic, engaging presentations and award winning entertainment on "the Unusual Suspect, his debut DVD.

You will see six high-impact performance pieces that have been audience-tested over hundreds of performances.
Then join Matthew in the studio to learn how and why these routines work.
Each routine has been meticulously thought out and honed to perfection.
These are routines that you will learn and immediately be able to use in your own repertoire.
Each piece is accompanied by a brilliant presentation and also high entertainment value.


Calzaghe's Opener:
A workhorse card routine that is full of energy, magic and really lets them know that you have arrived!
This is the piece that Matthew will immediately get into upon approaching a group of people.

Final Destination:
Matthew's highly visual ending to his three fly routine.
It begins in the classic way but on the final coin, they actually see it float across.
It has to be seen to be believed.
Performed LIVE in the bar, then every detail is covered in the explanation, including setup, performance and another of Matthew's great presentations!

Mental Mullica:
A fantastic prediction effect using the premise of money, a bet and whole lot of entertainment.
This routine will put your Mullica wallet to full use and uses no forces of any kind, just a very devious method!

Matthew has taken a classic effect by Derren Brown and given it his own unique twist and presentational angle that makes this a real-world worker.
A thought of card vanishes from the deck, only to reappear in a mint packet that has been in full view the whole time!

Mullica's Nightmare:
A wonderful alternative presentation for the Ambitious Card that is well removed from the norm.
Matthew has added another of his unique presentational slants and some creative thinking to turn this into a routine that is so much more than a card repeatedly rising to the top of the deck!

The Big Finish Card Trick:
Multiple selection routines come in all shapes and forms but in this particular version Matthew has created a handling specifically to be performed under-fire in almost any conditions.
This is an excellent routine that gets everyone involved and builds in terms of method, structure and once again a brilliant presentation.

Running Time Approximately: 2hr 06mins

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  • Matthew Wright Is the Unusual Suspect DVD

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This is a gently used PREOWNED DVD.
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