86 DISCONTINUED DVD- Underground Magic
Watch and learn 24 incredible tricks that defy reason!

86 DISCONTINUED DVD- Underground Magic


Watch and learn 24 incredible tricks that defy reason!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Street magic at its best!


You are about to enter a world where magic has no boundaries, where the only limitation is your own imagination!

Watch and learn 24 INCREDIBLE effects that completely defy reason!

This DVD Contains:

  • Underground Vanish: Vanish an entire deck of cards!
  • Griffin False Cut: Mix the cards but leave them in perfect order!
  • Underground Cuts: Watch, learn and you will believe...
  • Underground Wild Cards: The cards are not what they seem!
  • The Brain Wave: The one selected card is in another deck!
  • The Dragon Fly Cut: A fantastic series of card cuts!
  • Underground Voodoo: Ashes appear in unexpected places!
  • Resurrection Match: A burned match reappears in a matchbook!
  • Blister: You are marked with their prediction!
  • Magic Spoon Bending: Make a spoon magically bend in your hands!
  • Standing Match: Make a burning match stand on its own!
  • Magic Fork Break: Give a fork a little shake and it falls apart!
  • Pen Levitation: Make a pen float against your hand!
  • Magic Key Bend: Make a key curl up in your hand
  • Impossible Spoon Twist: With a little rub make a spoon neck twist!
  • Bill Switch: Magically turn on bill into another!
  • Invisible Exchange: Make coins disappear and reappear in your other hand!
  • Underground Bill: Magically turn a bill inside out!
  • Revolution Bill: A secret bill switch!
  • Coin Vanish: Learn to openly vanish a coin in your hand!
  • Magic Linking Ring: Link two rubberbands together
  • Dead Ringer: Make a finger ring climb up a rubber band all by itself!
  • Torn & Restored Bands: Break a rubber band and then restore it!
  • Penetrating Bands: Make rubber bands pass thru each other!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Underground Magic DVD

DVD only. You supply the ordinary items needed.

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