86 DISCONTINUED DVD- Torn and Restored Newspaper
Nine methods to tear any newspaper into pieces and instantly restore it!

86 DISCONTINUED DVD- Torn and Restored Newspaper


Nine methods to tear ANY newspaper into pieces- then instantly restore it!


Ages 13 and up   Level 3

Demo Video


Simple, effective, memorable and - EASY!


Take an ordinary newspaper, rip it into pieces, and restore it back to its original condition.
Seems impossible? You can do it!

Not only will you learn this popular classic effect, but master magician Ben Salinas will perform and teach you nine DIFFERENT tears!

You'll learn everything quickly and easily with these step-by-step demonstrations.
Learn how to set up your effect plus how to perform it smoothly.

Just a bit of preparation and any newspaper and you'll be performing one of magic's most astounding illusions!

The nine newspaper tears you'll learn include:

  • Slydini Tear - the classic of magic
  • Simplicity Tear - one of the easiest to perform
  • Tearless Tear- cut to the chase!
  • MC Gag Bit - a stand-up act
  • Commando Tear - for emergencies
  • Signed Tear - audience participation
  • Instant Reset Tear - a quick restoration
  • Ben's Favorite Tear - blend of the best
  • Classic - the big payoff

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Torn and Restored Newspaper DVD

DVD ONLY. You supply an ordinary newspaper and any other ordinary objects needed.

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