DVD- Svengali Deck Instruction: Secrets
Learn how to perform incredible card tricks with NO SKILL NECESSARY!

DVD- Svengali Deck Instruction: Secrets


Learn incredible card tricks using your Svengali deck! So EASY!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

This is the DVD instruction for a fantastic trick deck!


This is an instructional DVD only.
To do the tricks shown on the DVD, you need a Svengali Deck, which is NOT INCLUDED but can be purchased from MagicTricks.com below.

Perhaps the most famous trick deck of all time, the incredible Svengali Deck does the most amazing magic- it turns you into a magician INSTANTLY!

The Svengali Deck is constructed using an ingenious secret gimmick, something that lets you perform stunning card magic tricks as soon as you take the deck out of the box!
No special skill is needed, no previous experience with magic is necessary!

Using the cleverly designed Svengali Deck and the information on this DVD, you'll gain a reputation as a master card magician in no time!

This fantastic DVD teaches you how to perform some incredible card tricks which can be done using the built-in gimmick of this classic trick deck.
And best of all, no sleight of hand is involved!

Make your spectator choose the card YOU want him to choose- and he will think he had a free choice!
Learn some jaw-dropping mindreading tricks that will make you the talk of the classroom or office!
And so much more!

Here are the tricks you'll learn:

  • Slightly Ambitious
  • Instant Mind Reader
  • Easy Reversal
  • Sealed Prediction
  • Svengali Cut
  • Going Home
  • Elevator Card
  • Ambitious Svengali
  • All the Same

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Svengali Deck Secrets DVD

DVD ONLY. You need your own Svengali Deck.

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