86 DISCONTINUED DVD- Mind Tricks You Can Master
Perform incredible feats including spoon bending and book tests!

86 DISCONTINUED DVD- Mind Tricks You Can Master


Perform incredible professional mindreading feats, including spoon bending, book tests, more!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Amaze them with the power of your mind!


Do you want to learn how to CONVINCINGLY seem as though you can read the minds of the people around you?
It takes some practice, for sure, but it also takes having a professional PERSONALLY SHOW YOU how to perform mentalism effectively and EASILY.

On this DVD, professional mentalist Ben Salinas demonstrates a number of really great Mind Tricks that are easy to master.
Ben will teach you all the techniques that he uses in the performances, plus a few bonus tips that will take your performance to the next level!

Included on this DVD are some of the most heavily guarded secrets in mentalism, including: how to bend flatware with the "power of your mind", how to secretly discover what your spectator has written, how to name any word selected in a book, and the popular "no gray elephants in Denmark" impromptu spectator participation trick, one that you can do anytime, any place and astound any number of people!

The DVD contains:

  • Touch an Object
  • Pyramid Power
  • Center Tear Technique
  • Add-A-No
  • VooDoo
  • 1089
  • Book Test
  • Gray Elephants
  • Phone Wizard
  • Pulse Stopper
  • Fork Bend
  • Spoon Bend
  • Fork Break
  • BlindFold

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Mind Tricks You Can Master DVD

DVD ONLY. You supply the ordinary objects, like pen and paper.

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