86 DISCONTINUED DVD- Mentally HYPnosis
Mathematical tricks that will astound your audience!

86 DISCONTINUED DVD- Mentally HYPnosis


Learn professional stage mentalism techniques plus great mathematical magic tricks!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

A great introduction to Mentalism and Stage Hypnosis!


The best way to learn is from a PRO!

So take your seat right in the front row!
Get ready to learn A LOT!
Mentalism and stage hypnotism are two of the trickiest performance arts.
Not only do they take practice, but they take timing, polished performance skills and self confidence.

How do you develop those skills?
Where do you start?
The good news is that Paul Carpenter will guide you through the basics and then on toward putting together your full presentations!

Paul will share with you some incredible mentalism and hypnosis routines direct from his own top-rated shows.
Many of these effects are math-based magic, meaning they are tricks that work themselves mathematically.
You can concentrate on perfecting your PERFORMANCE skills rather than worrying about the mechanics!

Along the way he gives you all the advice you’ll need on how to put every aspect of your show together and make it work as a smooth and perfect professional presentation!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Mentally HYPnosis DVD

DVD ONLY. You supply any ordinary objects used in the effects.

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