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SOLD DVD - Ron Dayton's Historic Hung Up On Ropes Lecture *PREOWNED*

SOLD DVD - Ron Dayton's Historic Hung Up On Ropes Lecture *PREOWNED*


Classic 1985 rope magic lecture from the legendary Ron Dayton!

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This item is gently used, in LIKE NEW condition.
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From Leaping Lizards:
"This is our first DVD release, so we decided to release something really old. Huh?
Wait a second? This isn't the newest, slickest hottest bunch of tricks? What gives?

Well, as we explain in the intro of the new video, one of the things that is hurting magic today, is the loss of history.
Certainly in the past year we have lost greats such as the recent losses of Larry White and Ali Bongo, not to mention many others.
The new magic generation is largely exposed to their ideas through DVD's and alas, often these are selling the newest, slickest most cutting edge routines.
Sometimes they really ARE other times they are re-inventing of people that have come before them- knowingly or not. In short, a lot of folks are not learning their HISTORY!

Well, back in the 80's Ron Dayton was doing a lecture series based on his newly released book Hung Up On Ropes.
As a present for some of his friends, Ron and his Wife Susan created a home movie version of the lecture.

It is jammed packed of create and interesting rope ideas, routines and methods that will be new to many of you.

Of course... this is an 80's home movie.
So, it is what it is in terms on film quality.
Bad light, kinda grainy.
You remember your vacation videos right?

On the other hand, we are LUCKY. Ron is still with us.
He has had health issues over the years which means he can no longer perform- and writes with great effort.
But he is here, still contributes to various forums and is as creative, sharing and caring as ever!
So, here is a chance to see him at his best and learn from him as well as take minute to drop him a note.

Now, in this day of slickest hottest, best-est- we HAVE tried to upgrade the video.
We have digitally enhanced and cleaned the footage as much as possible. AND when we felt you just could not see a specific detail, we have filmed NEW High Def close-up footage and inset it into the original video.
This DVD features SUBTITLES in both English and Spanish!


2 Cut and Restored Rope Variations
Ring through Silk
Silkster (vanishing knot for small silk)
Half-Twist Slip Knot (another vanishing knot)
Ring, Rope & Pencil
Double Rope Penetration
Rope Linking: A Dean's Box Without the Box
Sildex Gimmick
Vanishing Knot Using Slidex Gimmick
Very Simple One Handed Knot
Blink Knot
Ring Onto Rope
Appearing and Vanishing Knots Bonus: Linking Chain Links
An Interesting Penetration
ZIP (A through the neck penetration)
Christopher Knot Variations
Sliding Knot Tutorial
The Enchanted Ring (ring and ribbon penetration)
2 variations Penetration and Noose Secret
Penetration Variation
More Thoughts on the Christopher Knot

Running time is approximately 1 hour 25 minutes.

This DVD is still available on the market.
It sells for $25. and up.

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  • Ron Dayton's Historic Hung Up On Ropes Lecture DVD

DVD only.

This is a gently used PREOWNED DVD.
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