86 DISCONTINUED DVD- Card Thru Window
Your spectator's chosen card is on the OTHER SIDE of any glass window!

86 DISCONTINUED DVD- Card Thru Window


Produce your spectator's chosen card on the OTHER SIDE of any glass window!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video


How did you do that??!!


You've seen this one on several TV specials, now YOU can do it yourself and amaze your friends!

This is an effect that can be performed on the street, at a party or practically anywhere!
Imagine walking down a city street, stopping a passerby and having them select a card.
The CARD is shuffled AND LOST IN THE DECK.
Suddenly, you toss the entire deck straight at a store window.
All the cards fall to the ground except one- it's the chosen card, and it appears stuck to the glass.
But on the OTHER SIDE of the glass!
Watch as your spectators run over to the card and try to claw at it through the glass.
They won't believe it!

Learn how to do this amazing trick with step-by-step, clear and detailed instruction on this invaluable DVD.
You'll be adding this effect quickly to your magic act!

Magician Steve Branham will show you how to do this incredible illusion, as well as give you several other killer routines!

  • The Standard Card Thru Window trick
  • The Signed Card Thru Window
  • Corner Thru Window
  • and a Bonus trick that will make your reputation!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Card Thru Window DVD

DVD only. You will need an ordinary playing card and an ordinary window.

Customer Reviews

Fair and Festival Magician
A Total Mind Blower and Must for Any Street Magician!!! This trick was made famous by David Blaine and it has not lost its appeal! With this DVD you will have everything you need to do this Amazing Trick minus the deck of cards. You learn both version, unsigned card and signed card, as well as an amazing new version that I have never seen mentioned or explained anywhere else! The instructions are clear, complete, and thorough. Possibly the single most Amazing Trick in street magic you will ever perform and all that for a rock bottom price - You Can't Miss This One!!!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from WV. on 8/2/2016

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