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Duke Montague

Top School Show Performer

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Duke Montague

Duke Montague and Myrnella

  • 1907-1967
  • Real Name: George Osgood
  • Birthday: July 27
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Buried: ?

Duke Montague was one of the top school show performers in the Southern U.S. from the late 1930's through the 1960's.

He used the tagline "The Wizard of Ah's" on his publicity material and personal stationery.

Duke's wife, Myrnella, did a mnemonics routine in the act, billed as "The Memory Lady". They presented the routine as an educational segment.

Touring was a very difficult life. In Bill Sachs' "Magic" column in the March 12, 1949 issue of Billboard: "Duke Montague and Company are still playing Utah and Idaho spots altho beset by plenty of snow and ice. The Montagues narrowly escaped serious injury... when a large oil truck sideswiped their car. Montague is continuing his tour in what is left of his station wagon..."

And even magic didn't always pay the bills: "The Montagues are using little magic on this tour, relying chiefly on comedy... escapes, mentalism, hypnotism and marionettes." (from the Dec. 6, 1952 Billboard)


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