Dragon Die Box
Vanish a die from inside a box- original dragon design!

Dragon Die Box


Vanish a die from inside a box- magical dragon design die box!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

The original dragon design is back!


This one has the extra "Peek-A-Boo-Boo" door feature!

The Sucker Die Box effect is a well known and well loved magic effect.
It's a trick where the audience thinks they have everything figured out, right up until the last moment. Then- surprise!
That's why this type of effect is called a "sucker" effect.

This particular Die Box design, with its dragon theme and the "Peek-a-Boo-Boo" door feature, was the creation of the legendary magic manufacturer Homer Hudson back in the 1950s.

Here is the effect: Show the box empty, then place the die inside.
As you tell your audience that the die has "vanished", you tilt the box to one side.
Your audience can HEAR the die sliding to the other side!
Open the left door to "show" the die is gone.
Of course, they'll insist that you didn't really do any magic- the die just slid over into the other side of the box!

So you close the left door, tilt the box so the audience hears the die slide to the left side, and again tell them that the die has vanished, opening the right side door this time to show the die is not on the right side either.
Now the audience will be telling you that all you did was slide the die to the other end of the box.

And here is where the exclusive "Peek-a-Boo-Boo" door feature of the Dragon Die Box comes in:
after you close the right side, you can let the left side door fall open, as if you "made a mistake"-
and the die will be seen inside the box!

This is called "the convincer", because it will establish that the die really is in the box, right up until the last moment.

And now the magic happens!
This time, you tilt the box one more time.
Open the right side AND the left side doors at the same time- and the die really has disappeared!
And THEN you produce the die from a hat or bag that was sitting in full view all along!

This is a fantastic effect that will get your audience really involved!

This Dragon Die Box is big enough to be easily seen from a distance, like in a classroom or in front of a group at a party.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Dragon Die Box trick (box, die and gimmick)
  • printed instructions

You will need a tophat, box, bag or other item to place the die into.

Rewards Points

Buy this item - get 50 Rewards Points!

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