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Dr. Robert Albo

Magician, Magic Historian and Collector

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Dr. Robert Albo

  • 1932-2011
  • Real Name: Robert Albo
  • Birthday: May 8
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Buried: ?

Dr. Robert Albo was an enthusiastic amateur magician who amassed one of the most important collections of magical apparatus in the world.

He shared his collection in a series of books that were so well done that they are collectible themselves. Filled with thousands of color photos of rare magic props, the series, called The Classics Of Magic, is comprised of eleven books. The books were made available as they were published, rather than as a total set. In fact, though the first few volumes were printed in quantities of 1000, the later volumes had lower production runs. The final book, really a supplement, was limited to 300 copies; therefore, there can be 300 full sets of the Albo books, maxiumum.

The titles of the volumes are:

  • The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs
  • Classic Magic with Apparatus
  • More Classic Magic with Apparatus
  • Further Classic Magic with Apparatus
  • Still Classic Magic with Apparatus
  • Final Classic Magic with Apparatus
  • Classic Magic Index
  • Classic Magic Supplement
  • Additional Classic Magic with Apparatus
  • History and Mystery of Magic
  • Laboratories of Legerdemain

Dr. Albo also had an impressive career in medicine. For over 40 years, he served as the team physician for the Golden State Warriors basketball team. He was also the longtime team physician and medical consultant for the Oakland Raiders.


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